Wine of the Week: GioCato Pinot Grigio 2008

This week's wine is a very interesting Pinot Grigio from Slovenia - another good recommendation from my local wine shop. I was looking for a summertime white that would harmonize well with a light Italian meal and was assured that this wine would fit the bill. I am happy to report that while I sometimes personally find Pinot Grigio to be a bit lacking in interest, this particular one is actually anything but.

A relatively young wine, it displays a very light, almost green straw hue, and an ever so slight effervescence. The aroma is pear and apple, but also sweet and tropical. Its tastes follow suit, with prominent pear and stone fruit flavors balanced by the crisp acidity of lemon and some mineral undertones.

This is a well-balanced wine, that is less light-bodied than many other Pinot Grigios that I have had. It is acidic on the finish, which is substantial for a white. All in all, I found it to be well worth its $11 price tag.

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